I can't begin to tell you how many times we've gotten ready in the morning for church and planned what we were going to wear so we could stop for a picture (you have to assume that if you lived in my house you are probably going to have your picture taken daily!). Then I can't explain how many times we totally forgot about it, the weather turned on us, Baby Dotson was asleep, we were in a hurry to get somewhere, I forgot my camera......lots of excuses! Yesterday I put my foot down and thought about this picture ALL day long!

I guess right now I could just stop calling him Baby Dotson and reveal his name to you, but it's more fun to make you keep reading!

Daddy Dotson and I had a really hard time coming up with a baby boy name. You see we were so convinced that since we wanted so badly for our first child to be a boy that we would be blessed with a little girl. We had dreams about little girls, all those myths they say about heart rate led to us believing we had a little girl in there. Her name was going to be Naomi Maye Dotson. I will probably use this name for when we do finally have a girl so if you decide to steal it you better not be in my close proximity or I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN!!!! (ok Momma Bear is done sorry for the brief outburst). We went to the ultrasound appointment on a Thursday and we were determined not to find out what we were having yet. For some reason I wanted to share that information with everyone not just me and husband and ultrasound lady. She discreetly place the images and text in a sealed envelope for us. When we left I KNEW we had to go straight to Rick's Bakery to place our order and get rid of that envelope. You have no idea how many times Daddy Dotson tried to convince me to open that envelope!!!! Temptation was a surety!!! Once at Rick's Bakery I took in our envelope (I'm sure we looked like two giddy high school teenagers!) and carefully explained that I wanted cupcakes made with the coordinating color to the gender of our child. They said no problem but you'll have to pick them up Saturday. We didn't plan on having our party until Sunday so everyone could be there. Backup momma. She loves surprises and I knew they would be safe with her! (thank goodness they were!)

Behind this I had placed the actual ultrasound image from the bakery. I very carefully placed it inside somehow without peeking! I was so nervous bc I certainly didn't want to find out on my own while I was decorating and no one else was even home!

Team Blue (guests were invited and asked to wear the color they thought we were having)

Team Pink (I was totally convinced it was a girl!)

We played tug of war.... (you can watch the video below)

And finally the actual video of when we bit into our cupcakes in front of everyone to find out!!!

Ok enough about the whole Super Awesomely Fun Reveal Party we had...... and on to the whole reason I am writing this post.....the picture!

And of course the story behind it. Since Daddy Dotson and I had such a hard time selecting a name for Baby Dotson we decided to be very open and took LOTS of suggestions! I made an email that we passed back and forth with new names, names we didn't want to throw out yet, and names for girls we came across (just in case the ultrasound was wrong). Some of the names were Cooper, Jet, Catcher, and Gunner. Cooper was too common, Jet was unique enough, Catcher was too odd, and Gunner made me think of a little fat slow kid! One day DD was driving and called me up. He asked me about a name, when he told me my head didn't automatically shake in disgust (trust me this happened a lot) but I wasn't positive about it so I said that's a good one I'll add it to the list but keep thinking just in case. Well fast forward to THE DAY. I knew we would be having Baby Dotson soon since I was feeling the worse pain I've ever felt in my life because for some reason I had this desire to have a natural birth and wanted to prove to myself I could do it? No no no I'll be honest I am so glad that I did it, it was an amazing experience and so empowering! Anyways that's a different story.....back to THE DAY..... Since I knew Baby Dotson was soon making his appearance I put my foot down and said we are going with this name because it's the ONLY one we both agree on....that's when DD tried to bail out on me! He started asking are you sure? Do you really like it? I'm not sure I like it anymore? Is it too weird? Me: "DD we are not going to the hospital until we have a name for him and I expect that we'll be leaving soon so that's his name!" And that was that. Soon after I was able to do some research and found out some neat information about Baby Dotson's name.

Titan means powerful big man and defender. Perfect for a Future Razorback right?!?!?! :)


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