Happy 9 Months Baby Boy!!!

Baby Titan turned 9 Months old on the 3rd! Can you believe it? I certainly can't! To me he doesn't look like a little baby anymore but rather like a little man! He is so interactive too, it's adorable!

At 9 Months Old:

1) His favorite food is whatever Mommy is eating
2) He loves to pull hair and if he happens to get you watch out it hurts!!!
3) Being outside is his favorite place and he loves watching the puppy dogs
4) He still hasn't really found a food he can't stand although when Mommy introduced the veggie puffs he wasn't thrilled but kept on eating
5) He has already quite the traveler having visited Hawaii and already been on his first boat trip as well as traveling all the way to New Mexico via car
6) His new favorite thing is to pull up into a standing position on legs, couches, and tables
7) His crawl consists of one bent leg and one straight and using the straight one as his propelling force
8) Daddy and Titan are good at mowing the lawn together, it's all about team work
9) Oh this little man loves Cheerios!

Seriously I have the cutest kid ever! Being a mommy is so much more fun now than it was at first! Maybe next time I'll get to enjoy the snuggly sleepy time!!!! He's so fun now!!!!


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