Happy 10 Months Little Guy!

First of all I can't believe it's been a whole month without a new post.......

But more importantly I can't believe you are 10 months old!!!! Wow time flies! I'm always looking forward to the next big milestone you are about to accomplish, that sometimes I'm afraid I miss the here and now, so I'm glad I pondered a bit today to come up with the 10 things about you this month!

1) He has found his tongue! Everything from spatting to making funny shapes with it, he certainly knows he's got this awesome tool!

2) He has started to walk forward while being assisted.

3) Playing chase is the funnest thing in the world to him, between his Daddy, Uncle Andy, and Uncle Luke he sure gets a lot of it!

4) Eating a larger variety of foods, I just now started feeling comfortable giving him what I was eating. He's tried meats, crackers, cereal, candy (with the help of Uncle Andy and soon to be Auntie Ally), a french fry, and he's been inducted into the Dotson clan by having his first sip of Diet Mt. Dew..... yes I gave my child a sip of soda.....goodness gracious!

5) These moveable cars, that are his size, designed to get them to walk are his favorite toy!

6) He is very expressive.....if he doesn't like that you did something or you left the room he'll let you know!

7) Right now he has quite a few blisters on his poor little head. I'm hoping we beat this Mastocytosis thing in the booty pretty soon! I'm so over it (I'm sure he is too!)

8) We've sealed off our first taste of summer with boating, swimming, and rodeos!

9) Let's just say that when he can talk I have a feeling he's going to have quite a bit to say.

10) We had our first Cousins Week and it was hott!!!! We had lots of fun meeting our cousins Trip and Shaeli for the first time!

Getting this picture was quite hard I'll admit. After each click I had to run to get you before you fell to the floor. Even though you squirm and squirm and squirm I love you! It's so exciting to watch you get so tickled about simple little things! My favorite time of the day is when you first wake up and you request your daily cuddle time with mom! I love you little guy!


Antoinette said…
Your little man is sooo gorgeous!!!

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