Happy Belated 11 Months!

So I'm a bit late posting this by 14 days to be exact but we've been busy and honestly we weren't even home to post! We were in St. Louis celebrating Uncle Andy and Aunt Ally's wedding day! They got sealed in the St. Louis temple on the 3rd of August. After the sealing and the pictures we went out to eat with them at Ruby Tuesday's and then headed home.

Happy Birth Month little guy! We love you and your 1st birthday is right around the corner!

11 Things About You:

1. I'm pretty sure you hate riding long distances in the car! I eventually found Baby Einstein videos on youtube and held my phone up for you to watch them!

2. You are cruising all around the furniture and making leaps to the next piece.

3. You are starting to work on communicating with us and can say Dadda, in fact that was your first word and you now say "up" and throw up your arms when you want to be picked up.

4. You have 8 teeth.

5. You've been to your first wedding and had lots of fun dancing and chasing Ally's pretty shiny dress.

6. We are starting to try and teach you some baby sign language in hopes that we'll be able to communicate with you better and have less tantrums.

7. You stayed with your Dad while your mom went to England for a week and apparently gave him havoc, pretty sure you were both ready for mom to get home!

8. You aren't a napper but you do sleep through the night so we aren't complaining.

9. You still aren't a big vegetable fan but mommy is going to change that!

10. Your smile captures many hearts!

11. I love taking you into stores because you know no stranger!

We love you!


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