Acadia's Baby Blessing

Acadia and Kynlee (our niece, Tracy's daughter) shared a big day and both got to wear white dresses!  Acadia's baby blessing took place on July 1st, 2012 at the Huntsville AR branch as well as Kynlee's baptism!  Congratulations girls such a big day for you both!

It was a pretty hot day, it's been 100 degrees nearly every day for weeks!  TW stayed home to help get Titan ready and we all went to church together, which was nice since it doesn't happen often because of all his church meetings.  I had Acadia's dress picked out before she even got here!  I'm so glad it fit her. I was browsing a local recycled children's clothing store when I came across this vintage looking dress and fell in love with it!  I then ordered a custom made headband from a gal that our maternity portrait photographer knew and you wore some little white shoes with flowers on them.  You were so adorable!  I was worried you would cry through the entire blessing but in fact you didn't cry at all and TW's dad, Pawpaw, said you stared up at your daddy the entire time!  I can't say you were as good the rest of sacrament though!  I'm pretty sure I spent the majority of the time out in the hallway.  We love you though little girl and are already so proud of you!  Your big brother adores you and always wants to give you kisses, he won't let us put him to bed until he's given you your goodnight kiss!

I called up George and Rosie just to let them know when Acadia's blessing was so if they were available and wanted to they could come.  Luckily they were around!  I was so excited when Rosie told me they would be coming up with their little crew!  George and Rosie have played a HUGE role in my conversion process, and shoot in my life in general!  I can't imagine where I'd be without them!  I've had an enormous amount of opportunities I would have never had if it weren't for being part of their amazing family!  I've been able to witness true love for others by observing them!  I know they've played a big role in my membership in the church and I'm so thankful for that!  The gospel brings me so much joy and happiness that I don't think I would be able to find anywhere else.  It's so comforting to be able to have the knowledge that I'll be with my family forever.

My parents also came to her baby blessing.  I'll be honest as I looked behind me during sacrament meeting and saw my parents holding Titan and keeping him distracted during church so he'd hopefully be as quiet as possible I was overcome with joy to have them there and sitting in church with me and my family.  It made me wish they came every Sunday!  I hope one day they will start coming!  I'll keep crossing my fingers and praying for that day!

TW's parents were there too, not that that's a surprise....but I felt like I would have left them out if I didn't mention them too!  :)  It sure is wonderful to have so much family surrounding us at church, sure does make it easier with a rowdy almost two year old!  Right now Vicky is the Relief Society President and Tom is the Sunday School President.  Oh and I should mention TW is the 2nd counselor and just got a new calling as a Relief Society Teacher.

Here's the Davis crew

Titan giving "sissy" kisses

Titan giving Grandpa George hugs bye bye

 Rosie holding Miss Acadia

Milia and Acadia

 Olivia and Acadia

Aunt Robin and Acadia

Grandpa George and Acadia

Will and Acadia

My beautiful parents and mother is beautiful!

 My parents

Dotson clan

Tracy's family

Special baptism girl, Miss Kynlee

Kynlee and her daddy

Uncle Andy and Kynlee

 Here's our funny picture with all the boys and their ties in their mouth

TW's parents

TW's parents with Acadia



Thank you everyone for coming!  We love you all!


Ronda Mack said…
Beautiful!! Love all the pics and especially the ones of T-dub and Titan's ties in their mouths! Too cute!
I'm so glad we can keep up with your family via blog!
Elle said…
I found your blog through the T-shirt link on Pinterest and now I'm super hooked on your sweet family blog. :) And I'm excited that you're members of the church! YAY! :)

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