Thanks Be To God - 4th Sunday Relief Society Lesson


I have recently been called as a Relief Society teacher for the 4th Sunday of the month!  I've found lots of help from others' blogs when discussing Relief Society Lessons, however it's be a little far and few between when searching for MY lessons - since they are all from General Conference.  So I decided maybe I could help someone else in preparing for their lesson by posting mine on here!

Thanks Be to God - By Elder Russel M. Nelson

I started my lesson by greeting each sister at the door and handing them a copy of the talk from the Ensign with either a "physical, spiritual, or gospel" slip of paper.  I just printed out the copy below and cut each word out and attached it to their copy of the talk.  This was to divide the class into 3 groups.

When it was time to start my lesson I announced that they were all put into 3 groups and that I would like those groups to assemble.  Once in their group I gave a brief lesson about...... 

"How much better it would be if all could be more aware of God’s providence and love and express that gratitude to Him".

 This talk one of those talks that's a serious eye opener!  I am really guilty of getting so busy with my day to day duties that I often forget this life is precious and certainly a huge gift to me!  I have so many wonderful things to be truly thankful for and I should try to always remember that!  So, I made the image below with some Pinterest inspiration and printed the text on colored card stock for my handout. I framed one copy in an 8x10 frame as an example of what you could do with it.
We continued as I assigned each group to:

1) Define what a "physical gift" is.
2) Share a scripture with an example of a "physical gift".
3) What "physical gift" are you thankful for?

I printed out these free printables from Whisker Graphics for each person to write down what "gift" they were thankful for.  


I think overall the lesson went really well.  Let me know if you came across this and it was of any help to you!



Kimberleerolfe said…
Thank you!! Thank you!! I too was recently called as 4th Sunday and just had my 3 baby. I appreciate your help with this lesson

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