Starting Over

I've been contemplating blogging again for years and finally it hit me, why don't you get all your sister in laws in and co write a blog thus eliminating some of the stresses of keeping up with a know trying to think of something to

So group text was started and lots of brainstorming ideas were thrown around and here I am writing in my old blog (which I last posted to in 2014).

We are planning on revamping a lot of things and I'm excited about this!  For starters we will have 5 contributing authors! AWESOME!

Meet our family!

Mattie, the wife and school nurse, who is the cowgirl fashionista.
Ally, who is finishing up her teaching degree, wife and mom of two boys, and a lipsense distributor.
Tracy, is the Pre-K master, wife and mom of 5 girls.
Erika, the wife, mother of four wild ones, and photographer.

not pictured is Caroline, also wife, communication expert and veteran lover.

Should make for an interesting lineup. We plan to bring you some real life content!



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