DIY Shoe Organizer

We originally bought two separate shoe organizers hoping we would keep one in our mudroom and the other in our closet, however this solution hasn't worked out too well. While I realize we need shoe storage in both locations, the closet will store our "pretty" shoes and the mudroom will most likely be full of our day to day shoes, one single shoe organizer is not going to work for two people who both like shoes!!!

So here's what I did this morning...

This project cost me a total of probably $3, for the E6000 glue, because I already had the two organizers but I think they may be $20 each at Walmart?

Started with two shoe organizers

And some E-6000 glue

Added some glue to the top of the bottom organizer

Put the top organizer right on top of the bottom

Pushed together and viola!

I'm excited about this piece for my new closet!!!

I'll be revealing it tomorrow!


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