Happy 1st Birthday!!!

Seriously we can't believe you are already a year old! Time has flown!

12 Things about Titan:

1. You have gotten brave and walked on your own after you've been holding onto couches, chairs, and people. The farthest you've walked has probably been ten feet.

2. We are eating lots more foods and like veggies more! That is a happy mom!

3. You can clap.

4. You can play "Where's Titan" where you hide yourself under and blanket and then pull it off so we can say "there he is"

5. You love to ride your car at your Bobo's (Dotson grandma) house. You even crawl over to it, stand up and throw your leg over.

6. We went to the Fair (Uncle Luke won the Bull Riding Event) and we touched a baby calf and rode the Merry Go Round.

7. We rented you some books from the library for the first time and you love them! Your mommy is very excited about this!

8. You dance when you get to steer the car (obviously only on the dirt roads).

9. We had our appointment at Children's Hospital this month and Dr. Jay Kincannon told us he didn't want to see us for another Mastocytosis check up for another year! That's good news!

10. We love bubbles and flashlights, both something we experienced for the first time this month!

11. Your cousin Laycee came to stay the night a few weeks ago and you woke up together and watched cartoons on a Saturday morning.

12. You sure do love all the boys in your family! When any of them walk in the door you immediately want them! It could be your daddy, your uncles, or your grandpa's it doesn't matter!

We love you so much Titan!


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