Titan's First Birthday Bash!

I planned for months for Titan's first birthday party! It was so much fun to gather ideas and see them start to come into effect. We invited lots of our family as well as all our friends with babies! Titan had lots of fun meeting most of them for the first time! Most everyone invited sported some sort of Razorback gear. It was such a great time to spend celebrating Titan's actual birthday along with the first Razorback game of the season!

My friend Carolyn owner of Num-Nums created the majority of the sweets for us! She made the carmel corn, the red velvet cupcakes, the chocolate covered strawberries, and the chocolate dipped pretzels! Everyone just loved the cupcakes in a jar! Rick's Bakery made Titan's share cake, which I totally thought was ADORABLE! I found the cake on Pinterest and just knew it would be perfect! I made his smash cake by pouring the cake batter in a glass liquid measuring cup.

Time to share pictures!!!


Ashley said…
I just found your blog(and became a follower) through pinterest. One of your projects was pinned. Can't wait to try it.
Your birthday decorations are amazing! What a fun party!


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