First Haircut

My sweet little boy no longer has a mullet. I'm not going to lie getting his first haircut was something I really looked forward to!!! Now his Pawpaw can't make fun of him for looking like a little girl! I didn't make a whole commitment though, we only had Rick cut the bottom of his hair, I couldn't part with the adorable hair on the top just yet!


We started out in the chair....

That didn't last long at all....daddy's lap is much less scary!

"Hey what do you think you're doing!?!?!"

I guess this isn't so bad...

He's so adorable!

I got a little scared half way through and needed a hug of relief from my dad, no big deal.

Look Pawpaw no more mullet!

Now that I'm all finished I'd like to sit in that chair please....

Thanks Rick!

Couldn't resist adding a few extra smiley pictures!

After: (he really didn't want to leave! poor guy!)

This picture is from TW's first haircut with the same barber which is why we chose Rick today!


Ashley said…
That's really sweet that it was the same barber.
Wow! TW had super blonde hair when he was little! So cute! And how fun that you got to use the same barber! What a great memory :)

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