Round Two

Yep this family is now a family of 4! Wow time flies, I'm pretty sure the last post on here was probably about Titan's 1st birthday and now he's 15 months old and I'm 14 weeks on round two! We've known since the middle of October so if I chatted with you and totally lied about not being ready for more kids I'm so sorry! It was all done in good faith to keep a big secret for a few months! :) We told our parents and close family first and asked them to keep it a secret for a little while. Yesterday we had an ultrasound to determine a due date, which is what we were waiting on to tell everyone. Hubby's birthday is the beginning of June so maybe we'll have a birthday surprise!


Monica820 said…
congratulations!!! and also i LOVE that baby announcement!!!
Ashley said…
Congrats! Such exciting news!

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