Her name is.....

After posting that we welcomed Baby Dotson #2 everyone immediately asked what her name was.  I think everyone thought that we had already had a name picked out and we were keeping it a secret until she arrived, which I promise you was not the case!  Even our whole families came and held her without a name!  I really wanted to be able to chat with TW about it alone before we seriously discussed any of the names we had been tossing around!  We didn't really get that chance until it was like 5 or 6pm the day she was born!  We sat down and seriously considered a few first name options: Aspen, Acadia, Naomi and middle names were Lue, Jane, Lew.  I really wanted to name her after my Grandma Sandy but I wasn't too thrilled with the names Sandy or Sandra.  Her last name was LaBue which we twisted to make her middle name.  I had planned on announcing her name from the hospital at some point and had brought these name tag stickers with us, such a perfect way to just post to Facebook and announce her name!

Welcome to our family Miss Acadia Lue Dotson!


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