Welcome Baby Dotson #2!

Well not everything went as planned....(does it ever?) first and foremost Amber Lanning went out of town for Memorial Day weekend meaning she couldn't document our sweet baby girl's arrival.  Not a big deal though, I had 3 girls on call to capture her arrival...just another benefit of all your friends being photographers!  Friday I had my check up and I was already at a 4-5 and 50% effaced.  This made me nervous since Dr. Collins said you'll have that baby by the weekend.  So all day Saturday I would hardly let TW leave my side.  I was totally paranoid my water would break and I wouldn't be able to get a hold of him!  So we went to town to walk around the mall.  TW had a great idea to upgrade my
iPhone from the 3Gs to the iPhone 4, as we walked into Best Buy Mobile they were running a special for $50 phones, so needless to say when we planned on spending $100 just to upgrade my phone and now we could have them both done we jumped on it!  Happy Memorial Day Weekend Sales!  :)  The downside was that we sat in there forever and taking turns scrambling around with Titan, well I'll be honest I did most of the sitting and giving info while TW watched our little man.  Hours later we walked out with brand new phones!  We took Titan to the play area in the mall and sat and played with our new phones.  I noticed not all my pictures transferred nor my contacts, as I tried setting up my mail and other things I noticed the phone would just quit working.  Frustrated I took it back, they completely erased everything and gave me back my fully functional phone, or so we thought.  By the time we stopped off at Walmart to buy groceries and anything else we might need for a few weeks this phone wouldn't even turn on or off, it was totally frozen!  UGH!  We were home Saturday night by 8pm eating dinner when I started to notice my contractions were starting to feel pretty regular so we started to write them down.  About 9:30 - 10pm we had put Titan to bed and realized soon that we would be heading to the hospital.  We called up Andy and Ally and invited them to come stay at our house over night so we wouldn't have to wake up Titan and they could bring him to meet his new sissy in the morning.  They arrived and I was at the point where I was sitting on the couch and had to breath and focus through the contractions.  I expressed to TW that I was ready to go to the hospital since I didn't want to not make it (second babies come quicker) since we live 45 minutes from the hospital.  We arrived and I kept having a feeling in the back of my head that we had again come in too early like we did with Titan.  However after they checked me and we were at -2 station, 90% effaced, and dilated to a 7 they wouldn't have let me leave if I wanted to!  ha ha and to think I was worried.  I think about this time it was around midnight.  Obviously the pain increased but nothing too horrible.  Everyone kept telling me that I could have my water broke and it would speed things up.  I'll be honest that plan didn't sound too good to me at first.  I've always heard of people having their water broke then having complications and having to have a C-section.  Well apparently I forgot to put into perspective that those people usually aren't already dilated to a 7!  We labored for a few hours without much progression.  I remember not enjoying the fact that I had to lay down and be monitored every other 30 minutes.  Those laying down contractions are the worst.  I also recall that the same method I used to relieve the pain by holding onto TW to release all my weight didn't work at all.  I faced him the first time around and this time after trying new things I quickly would revert back to making him hold me up so I was faced away from him this time.  I'm sure he was ready to die after having to hold up a 180 pound pregnant lady for 10 seconds at a time every 2 or 3 minutes!  Finally they talked me into it!  I got to talk with Dr. Collins (whom I was really excited to have on call that evening since she missed Titan's birth going on vacation!) about the pros and cons.  Really the pros were that I would have this baby much faster and the cons were it would hurt (but obviously not as long).  She also expressed that this labor now was wearing my body out and by the time I naturally went into labor it was likely I would be exhausted and pushing would last a long time!  We determined that everything else was in order and that baby girl was just sitting on all that water still, which was why I was still at a -2 station for so long. So break my water is what we did, pretty sure that was around 4am.  I can't begin to explain how IMMEDIATELY painful that was.  I felt that pain surge through my entire body and completely take over my once cool calm and collected self.  That tremendous pain only lasted 30 minutes though!  I remember feeling like I was ready to push and my body naturally would do that every contraction.  Everyone in the room kept yelling at me to stop pushing, I guess I later found out there weren't even any nurses in the room, but I was certainly not listening.  They brought in everyone and I remember being so relieved and thinking YES this is it!  It's almost over!  Once you get to that point the pain is almost gone just from the excitement of reaching the end!  I gave two wussy pushes and on the third I was serious and she came right out!  I guess since she had stayed so high and the birth was so quick she didn't have a cone head!  I didn't have any tearing with her either, yay no stitches!  I got to hold her first and she was precious!  Kori Hudson was there to document the entire thing and she was such a rockstar!  She had been keeping up with what was going on via my texts and Facebook.  Seriously a rockstar I'm not kidding she shot a wedding from 3pm to 11pm on Saturday and we called her Saturday around 10:30pm to let her know we were on our way to the hospital and she was there waiting on us!  She stayed up the entire time and even stayed until around 10am so she could capture Titan meeting his sissy for the first time! I will forever and ever be grateful to that woman!  We had lots of visitors and really took advantage of having a nursery there!  :)  Welcome to the world Baby Dotson #2!!!!

May 27th, 2012
8lbs. 11oz.


Cera cano said…
She is such a doll! Where did you get her beanie? I LOVE it! Congrats!

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