Sorry for the absence!

Wow I just checked that last time I wrote a blog post and it's seriously been since September of 2012......shame shame shame!  I have really just been super busy being a mom and trying to run my wedding photography business that this little happening spot in blog world became a bit neglected.  I'm here to stay now (or at least that's my know it's the new year right and to top it off still January!).  I've been throwing around ideas of things I'd like to continue blogging about and the talents that are at my fingertips.  I'm constantly searching Pinterest for new ideas for Primary so I'm thinking about posting and sharing everything I end up creating.  My son still has Mastocytosis so I can always be updating other worried mommas about that!  I'm a wedding and portrait photographer so maybe I can help someone out there take better photos of their kids!  We are expecting another little girl to arrive at the end of April too so I'm sure I could share tips and tricks on being a mommy of three! I've also been throwing around the idea of adding a neighbor friend down the street into my blogging mix!  She's totally into living off the land with her gardening and chickens!  She's super crafty and loves to help do projects to their home they've built!  She's pretty cool and I think you guys would love her! 

For now I'll share my most recent photos with you!  Another one of my creative neighbor friends (which is weird because we live in the country) is also a professional portrait photographer, she's very awesome and willing to trade out family pictures with me pretty frequently, took on my last minute request to have my family and myself photographed at the last minute for my birthday!


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