Snow Day!

  This winter has been full of snow days for us!  Around here snow days are fun days because daddy is a teacher/coach so we get the day off!  Yesterday we made sure to take some time and capture our fun play day!

We started off with this tiny little hill.....
Then decided it would be more fun to body sled.....
Little lady got her turn sledding too

Although she kinda enjoyed being cute better     

Little Man wanted to build a snowman so badly!  That's all he talked about coming home Sunday evening. We soon realized the snow wasn't really quite wet enough, that's when he decided it would be more fun just to wreck all our work.

After Titan quit on us we continued at our snowman attempt

This would be our result....

He thought throwing snowballs would be more fun

When dad gave him a snowball he got that look in his eyes like "mom this one is for you!"


And again...

Acadia tried to make herself some snowballs too
I'm pretty sure these are her "here's to you mom" eyes too!
Here's dad trying to teach her how to make a snow angel while she's clearly not happy about it

Titan figured it out

Somewhere along the line Titan thought it would be fun to be buried in snow, I'm sure dad thought that was fun too!


Hopefully if you got snow too you spent a little time outside having fun in it!  I'm grateful I have my little family and even more grateful that we can have little moments like this to cherish forever.




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