Found a Few More Common Triggers That Effect Us

After I had posted my brief findings of the cold medicines we were taking a fellow masto mom contacted me about a post on facebook I made about milk, it totally continued to us talking about our kiddos.  She directed me to to a list with Common Mast Cell Degranulation Triggers.

As stated in my earlier post I was giving him over the counter cold medicine for his little cough at night and other yucky congested symptoms.  That's when I read that Dextromethorphan: found in cough suppressant medications is a possible trigger. Great.  So no more cough suppressants at all even without alcohol.

Another thing I noticed that may have been causing our breakouts all week was Thiamine (vitamin B6):  found in vitamin supplements.  I have been giving him those gummy multi vitamins daily and pretty regularly the same week I noticed frequent breakouts.  Since I've found this info I've stopped giving them to him and the breakouts have decreased greatly.  I'm not sure if there's a vitamin supplement out there without that vitamin but if I find out I'll certainly make a blog post about it.

I'm adding screenshots of the triggers to avoid so that I can pin them to my Mastocytosis Board on Pinterest.



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