Boys Week in the Colorado Mountains

TW left on Friday June 22 and headed to Colorado alongside his dad, Uncle Tem, two brothers, and Jeff a family friend, they just returned today, Thursday, June 28th and TW was so excited to show me the videos from their trip!  I'm so glad he tried his best to document their trip, last year I'm pretty sure all I got was about 2 or 3 phone snapshots that were so small I couldn't do anything with them!

From TW:
 The San Juan National Forest was on fire this year so a lot of the riding was closed.  We had some of the best Colorado rides ever!  We revisited the Williams Creek Fisherman's Trail where Tracy saved mine and Luke's life and I could remember it like it was yesterday, it looked the same.  Jeff and Andy came with us this year.  Uncle Tem had to leave early to be with his wife Lhasa, who was sick.  We all made spears to fish with and didn't kill a single fish, although Luke caught one with his hands.  Andy did his best Neanderthal fish dance on Nudy Rock!

From Erika:
  I think it's a wonderful tradition they've started!  It's great to see my husband get excited about going on this trip!  It's fun for them and a good time!  So glad they are able to do things like that!  Now if only us girls could work on our yearly trip!

Here's Luke and his horse

This is Jeff on one of the mules

 Here's TW

The boys at camp next to the corrals

 Jeff and Andy

 Luke stopping to let Peanut get a drink

Group shot in the meadow

Andy with a mule

Here's Tom with a bloody nose, why they don't have a better picture of him I have no idea!  Sorry Tom!

Andy and Jeff goofing off......of course not!


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