Happy 1 Month Miss Acadia

For the last few weeks I've been sitting down at my computer and looking at the date and thinking I really need to make Acadia's monthly onsies.......then as I sat there today I thought, seriously she's already a month old!?!?!?!  I still hadn't made them, life has just been too crazy, but you better believe I made her and Titan both shirts this morning!  Thankfully I had a little boy that didn't wake up until 10am this morning!!!!!!  SOME SORT OF BLESSING!

My babies are 20 months apart!  That's the way to start your family quick!  :)

Acadia at 1 month......

1) She really enjoys human contact and being held!
2) She usually only fusses when she's hungry, dirty, or too hot
3) She eats every 3 hours on the dot, with the occasional 4 hour stretch during the night

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Heather said…
Sweet babies! I hope that everything is going perfectly for your family of 4!
Sandy Layne said…
You're children are beautiful! Love the T shirt idea - very cute. Wished you we were closer so we could get to know you're family. Love You

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