Alumni Game

My husband recently participated in an Alumni game at their high school. What a great idea and an awesome fundraiser! Everyone who graduated in an odd year was on the same team as well as everyone from an even year. Turns out my husband his brothers and his cousin were all on the same team! Unfortunately I was out of town shooting a wedding but I heard all about it and my husband said it was a whole lot of fun! I'm so glad they did such a great event like that! I know if that was me I would love to return and play some alumni games at my high school! This photo is priceless! I know they will cherish it for a lifetime! There's no other time that they would have all gotten to be in uniform together!


April Jech said…
oh my word! i just had a flashback!!
i remember all of them in uniform (except of course andy) all very good athletes!
okay that made me sound SUPER OLD!
I'm not super old... just nostalgic. :)

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