Happy Mini Birthday!

Around here (probably until he's one) the third of every month is kind of a big deal! It means mommy gets out the camera and documents all day! It means the Razorback rocker gets used. It means our little guy is a solid month older! Today he's 8 months old! Wow time flies!

Titan at 8 months:
-on the verge of crawling (army crawls when he wants to)
-mommy saw him pull himself up twice
-he likes to make spatting noises with his mouth
-he fake coughs and it's adorable
-he loves to play with anything that isn't a toy (LOVES paper!!!)
-his tryptase levels decreased almost by about 50%
-his white blonde hair is starting to grow in more
-he hasn't tried a food he doesn't like

I love my little family!


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