Happy Mother's Day

Ok I know it's been a little while since I posted last but I did want to include this picture for my memory book I plan on making of this little blog at the end of the year!

My First Mother's Day = Complete (well almost) Fail

So I assumed (first mistake) that since this was my first Mother's Day my husband would do something special for me and maybe even remember to include Titan's name on the card! I love my husband I really really do but sometimes this man just doesn't get it! ha ha I went with him to the store the day before Mother's Day to pick up our food for the cookout we had at his sister's house and he asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day!!!! Ok personally I'm a huge fan of memories (obviously or I probably wouldn't love my profession!) so I made a big deal of the fact that he hadn't done anything special for me already so there's no point now since I'm already with him in the store about 15 minutes before they close! How am I supposed to write about my first mother's day if seriously there was no effort the entire day to make me feel special?!?!?!!? Maybe he'll get it one day? I even pulled out my awesome little book I've been keeping up with for Titan's first year and he read aloud "What did Daddy and I do to make Mommy's First Mother's Day special?" I think he got the point soon after that.

Now, before you jump down my case about being superficial or unappreciative I want you to realize that if I had let this slide without making a big deal about it, he wouldn't have got the point and thought that from here on out he would get away with not planning anything! I don't really care if I get a present or not, that's not what it's all about, but I do care that I felt special in some way or at least there was an effort put forth to make me feel that way (not a last minute pity gift!) I hope you see my point.

I did however make sure to get a picture of our first Mother's Day right after church so I could document how much Titan loves his Mommy! :)


Lori Wilson said…
Im not sure how I found your blog. But I just had to say you are not alone. My husband didn't even put thought into my mother's day gift lol. He travels alot for his work so he bought me a gun. Never did he take into the fact that a. I don't hunt. and b. he already had bought a small gun for me to keep put up just in case. So he shows it to me and all I could say was, "You bought me a stupid gun. What were you thinking?" So yes Mother's day was a complete fail for me also.

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