5A State Tournament

Boy have these last few weeks made me really miss high school athletics, seriously there's just nothing like it.  I mean who doesn't miss waking up at 5:30am to run your tail off, get all sweaty before class, and be yelled at constantly?  All kidding aside I really do miss it!  I miss all the fun games, the trips, the bond that you share with your teammates, I miss it all!!!  I really can't believe I've been out of high school for let's count.....7 years!

I guess sitting in the stands and rooting on Daddy Dotson's team will just have to suffice.  This group of boys won my heart over this year and it was fun to watch them win and just do awesome the night before last, but last night they were defeated by Alma and it was a sore loss I feel like.  I don't usually say this but there was a ref imparticular that just seemed to be against us, our team was in some heavy foul trouble which I think really hurt us and lost our momentum.  They played hard and had everyone behind them though!  Watching them come out of the dressing room upset nearly put me to tears.....and I've probably never talked to a single one of them in person!  I'm not sure if that's just the athlete in me or the hormone full momma?

You guys played a good game!  Way to work hard!

We enjoyed watching the boys!


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