Mission Organization {along with a few other projects}

Yesterday I toted around Baby Dotson to a few of those junk stores, you know the ones that smell musty and are cluttered full of dust.  We were on a mission to find items that we could use to organize.  I brought along $20 and set out to see what I could find for that price.

I am amazed that all this cost us only $18.95 total!

I'm so excited to start spray painting and get these baskets to their homes!!!

The glassware was for a different project.....did you know I'm about to have a new sister in law?  You wouldn't believe how excited I am about it! 

For one she'll be part of our family FOREVER (she's pretty cool)!  Secondly they are allowing me to help plan their wedding!  It's like sweet bitter goodness!  I hope you enjoy watching all the DIY projects that are about to start taking place around here!  We've got quite a few in store!


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