A few goals as I start my own family blog

I have been contemplating starting a family blog for quite some time, although my husband (you can read about him in the about us page at the top) doesn't particularly care to have our lives all over the internet.  Psshh that's silly I say!  I'm convinced that all these "old timers" who think we don't socialize very well because we're on the internet all day versus actually making "real" connections are either going to have to quickly get in the game and hop on the wagon or they can suffer from being lonely because they aren't on the internet....just sayin.

You see I'm a stay at home mom now and I see all day long all these young girls blogging all day as if taking care of a baby wasn't enough work.....?

Here's my thoughts.....if I start blogging and taking pictures of everything I can do so people out there will virtually stalk me then maybe just maybe my house will get picked up when I post before and after shots?  Maybe just maybe I'll start concocting these magnificent creations in the kitchen?  Maybe just maybe I'll start finishing up my crafty projects?  and you guessed it, Maybe just maybe I'll start making all those cute clothes you see flurrying around the internet.  oh and one more..... Maybe just maybe I can finally start and FINISH a 365 day photo project?

Here's one from my last attempt.....

I mean really....wouldn't it be cool to have all these crazy pictures of yourself and your family for a whole year?  YES PLEASE!

Ok so my first post after all this rambling was supposed to be my goals I wanted to achieve for 2011.  I know, I know it's like March 2nd, not really an ideal day to start anything.  It's the 3rd month of the year, the 2nd day of the month, along with the 2nd day of the week.  But who cares!  One time I heard that the most work gets done on Tuesdays so that's going to be my motto as I start this blog today.  

1. Blog everyday for a year on my personal family blog.
2. Start and finish a 365 family self portrait project.
3. Eat more vegetables.
4. Make our bed everyday.
5. Take more pictures.
6. Finish my projects that I start.
7. Learn how to manage my time more efficiently.
8. Limit my time on facebook and my email to an hour a day.
9. Shut my computer off every night.
10. Learn how to become a couponer.
11. Save $1,000 this year in my own account.
12. Make a cute shirt for baby Dotson.
13. Go on a date every week with my husband.
14. Stop taking my phone to bed with me.
15. Cook a meal from scratch once a month.
16. Be a better friend to my friends.
17.  Go on shooting dates with my photographer friends.
18. Make a cute pillow for our couch.
19. Update our headboard.
20. Finish making the glider for baby Dotson's Razorback room.
21.  Do laundry daily.
(more to come I'm sure!)

What are some of your goals this year?  


Anonymous said…
Yours are great! I'll steal them. I love limiting your time on FB and Email. In fact, I think I will turn off my computer now...
Haleena said…
Sure it is March, but linguistically, it's the beginning of our calendar year. Sept=7, Oct=8, Nov (non)=9, Dec= 10..... so it logically follows that January=11, February=12 and March=1. Tada! Happy New Year!!

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