I'm going to attempt the photo wall!

First we'll start with a before picture:

Yes pretty boring....I know.

Now a few during shots:

This is harder than I imagined it was going to be. I mean really there's so many choices and layouts, imagine all the possibilities, or wait don't just stick with something and run with it!!!

This is what I have so far. Although it could change because I didn't think at all about the colors of the frames so who knows when I actually start putting them up (obviously not right now while everyone else in the house is asleep) I may end up with all black frames in the corner or something.

I also think I am going to get rid of that little side table there and move the couch down, possibly replace it with a tall bookshelf?

I wanted to keep the two canvases in their spots, the third one I decided to take down mostly because I ordered a glossy finish to that one (ordered it first) and when I ordered the last two I didn't think at all about finish and sure enough two matte canvases arrived. I would rather use that image somewhere else through the house than reorder it.

My favorite part is the hanging vintage camera!!!

I can't wait to get this finished!!!!

Do you think I should change something up?


MarshMellow said…
New blogger/follower here!! Yes, I love where your going with it so far, BUT from personal experience (I have a photo wall) just remember it doesn't necessarily have to be uniform or symmetrical. Don't take too much time thinking about it cause you'll drive yourself crazy!!!! Its a collage so it doesn't have to be perfect!

P.S. may I ask where you went to get your family photos put on a canvas??

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