We Threw A Party!

I don't have much Irish roots and I'm not sure I've really ever worried about wearing green, but for some reason I was on a mission to host a St. Patrick's Day Party!  I was pretty sure not many friends would come due to the fact they all live in town and we live about 45 minutes away on top of it being a school night, but we (I) threw a party anyways!  We had lots of fun with close family and friends, I'd say it was a good time!

I just want to share a few pictures of the event with you!

Green Party

Green Jello

Green Minty Flavor

Green Filling

Green Layered Cake

Green Carnations

Green Cupcakes

Green Ice Cream

Green Signage

Green Accessories

Green Pizza

Green Family

Green Baby

Green Momma

Green Daddy

Green Parents

And finally a behind the scenes, Baby Dotson doesn't care too much to for disguises!


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