Another Project Underway

Yesterday I went out and about and scored some awesome deals!  So obviously it's time to clutter up the house so we can get reorganized! PROJECT TIME!

First order of business.....Master Closet.  My husband (bless his heart...I heard you were allowed to say anything you want after you said that phrase) has a MILLION t-shirts of which most of them he never wears!  I promise you the ones in the front are the ones that he circulates, while those in the back have never gotten to see what it looks like outside.  We finally went through and sacrificed just a few......

ps. I wouldn't tell him for a few days but I'm planning on secretly trashing a few extras while we're at it, the trash runs today so let's wait a week to mention this ----> deal?

One of my deals just so happened to be wooden hangers (ok so they aren't "really" wooden but they look like they are!)   I love how Baby Dotson is "helping" mommy.

They were 10 cents each, that's even cheaper than Walmart's plastic ugly white hangers!


I have the same problem with Grant and T-shirts so I made a quilt out of the shirts he just couldn't part with but never wore.
Hey girl, your little guy is getting so big and is so stinkin cute!!! We need to get our little ones together and share war stories :) I know you don't have a lot of free time, but you could make a t-shirt quilt out of the old t-shirts. They aren't too hard, and it's a great way to condense them and keep the memories on a picnic blanket :)

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