Funny Story

So as many of you may or may not know I have started to work on our Master bedroom closet.  I decided I no longer liked the bright yellow walls in there and the unpainted boards just had to go.....

I decided that I would start on Daddy Dotson's side since he has less clothes and his side would be easier.

This was the same day Baby Dotson had his shots so he was being pretty cranky and irritable.  I had him home alone and I was approaching bedtime and this little guy was a fussy mess.  I finally got him to sleep and wrote Daddy Dotson a text that read "Don't you dare make a sound when you come in".

DD (short for Daddy Dotson) got the text and since he was out late chasing a cow that got out then going coon hunting afterwards I guess he felt a little guilty and read this message between the lines, more like "I don't want you to talk at all when you get home because I can't stand you".

When DD finally got home BD (short for Baby Dotson) and I were sound asleep.  He walked into our bathroom and saw all his clothes gone and instantly thought I was furious and threw them out!  He noticed them all stacked up on his side of the bed, which he says made him confused and left him trying to figure out what that meant exactly.  Then he walked back into the bathroom to soon realize it all meant nothing except that I started to paint his side of the closet first!

When he told me this I thought it was hilarious and I wanted to be sure to write it down as a memory so I would never forget it!  I thought it might be something fun for our children to read one day too!

I could see where he could have gotten confused....


Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing your funny story! It was a great one!

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