Baby Dotson had his shots yesterday. Since we were furiously going from doctor to doctor a few months ago learning our little guy has mastocytosis I guess we totally forgot to keep up with his wellness checkups! I called a few days ago and mentioned that we hadn't been in a while and I wondered when we were supposed to go back, that's when I was informed we had missed his four month check and he was due for his six months as well! Technically though it was probably smart to wait on shots while we figured out what was happening with him and if they would pose any risk of a reaction.  If you aren't sure what exactly mastocytosis is I would really like you to visit to learn a little more about it.  Our son was diagnosed at 4 months old with Diffuse Cutaneous Masto.

All of that boy loves the crinkly paper!

I just love all those jelly rolls!


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