This is no way to spend a birthday!

Well there's been quite a bit of action around here lately...... I think on Thursday or maybe it was Friday?....anyways we heard that Husband Man's mom was in the hospital for her heart.  Turned out she was just trying to see what her heart was doing on on EKG and the doctor that told her to come in when it made that same rhythm of course happened to be out, so the other doctor got scared and sent her to Washington Regional in Fayetteville.  A big scare since none of us really knew why she was there!

Well Sunday morning, we got a phone call that Husband Man's dad had a heart attack and he was at Washington Regional!  Seriously?  This man is much stronger probably than all his boys combined.  He does hard work everyday outside!  How does someone like him have a heart attack?  They said that if he would have waited much longer there probably would have been a different outcome, they call the vein that was 100% blocked the "widow maker"!!!!  Whew that was a close call and certainly was an eye opener for everyone!

I know I began to think about my family a little bit more and what I could do to be closer to them all, since you really never know when their time may be up!!!

Well Monday was his birthday (and his twin brother) so we all headed up to pay a visit.

I snapped this one of all the boys with our little guy!


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