I must have been influenced by all those momma bloggers.....

Last night Daddy Dotson called me up and informed me that we were going on a date and he already arranged his mom to watch our little guy.  Which was super awesome news considering we had plans to go camping Friday buuuuuutttt.......  the Eagles decided to progress in the state tournament!  Yay!

Razorback vs. Mississippi State 

First Stop.....

Now let me give you some background.....PRIMO used to be Bizy's which was our absolute favorite place to eat!  They had it all and it had the sports bar (minus the bar) restaurant feel.  Unfortunately they went under and were replaced.  That's alright to me because I LOVE Italian food, but still it's a bummer......funny thing is......this location still gets all the attendees of Razorback games.  

Daddy Dotson makes fun of me everytime we go to an Italian restaurant because I ALWAYS order spaghetti!  :)  Pssshhh..... look at him thinking he's all cool with his "Rueben Sandwich"......

When everyone started to get up and leave we knew the game was about to start and it was time to pack up!

A Razorback game certainly calls for cute red flats with obnoxious pointy bows!

I feel like I'm trying to prove we actually went!  ha ha
Honestly this was a pretty boring game......if Arkansas made some free throws we probably could have won!  I mean really you can't miss those.....aren't you college athletes?

And the final proof!  I got to wear my fancy red coat too!  Boy, I love that coat!

Moving along.......in other news......

Yes I got up and ran 2 miles this morning at 5:30am.

It was dark, cold, dirt road (dangerous), but I feel accomplished today!  :)


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