Last night Daddy Dotson and I went to the lovely Walmart when we realized that Baby Dotson was soon going to be out of his formula.....(I know we're like the all time worst parents ever!)

While we were picking up some essential baby items we decided that while we were at it we may as well do our grocery shopping, since 10pm at night is the perfect time right?  Tired Parents, Tired Baby, Dirty Parents, Dirty Baby.  No biggie.

We ran across these instant mashed potatoes that were $1.00 each, perfect stuff for food storage!  

Then I noticed they had a buy two get 50 cents off sticker.  In my head instantly I figured we would buy two and get them for 25 cents each!!!!  

See how many we got!!!!

End of story my math is very very bad!   We still got a good deal technically just not THAT good of a deal.  Originally they were $1.66 for one so we got two boxes for $1.50.  So pretty much from the original price we bought one and got one free.  

I think we have enough mashed potatoes to live off of for at least 6 months!


DM said…
Yeah I've tried the coupon thing and I've decided it's not worth it. And people that I've ased for advice have said the same thing.

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