Baby Dotson and Our Sunday Ritual

Sunday's are a pretty big deal around the Dotson household.  Of course the day starts with a few church meetings, 3 to be exact, then we go home to change, and finally we spend all day at Bobo's house (AKA Grandma Dotson)!!!  I'm pretty sure long before Daddy Dotson and I got married we were carrying out this tradition, and I'll be honest......I  LOVE it!  I mean really what in this life could be more important than your family?  They are the ones that are ALWAYS there for you no matter what, they are interested in what's happening in your life, they are the ones that read silly blogs like this one!  I've got a few families actually....probably more than most.  You see when I was wee little I had this father (who for lack of better words didn't seem too interested in me) but that didn't matter to my real grandma and grandpa they loved me so much!  I have so many memories of going to their big house and helping grandpa water his flowers in the morning, and dancing to classical music in the living room for my grandma like I was a ballerina.  Well then my mom started to date, who I now call my dad, but they were never married......that didn't stop me from becoming part of their family either.  I adopted my dad and his brother and sister as my aunt and uncle along with his mom as my Noni.  They are still really close to us, in fact I just went to visit my dad in Hawaii to see Baby Dotson in January!  Then when I became a little older my mom decided to marry my technically third dad, but to keep a child less confused, I call him Papa (pretty sure that's because his grandkids called him Papa Coach).  So with Papa comes a move to Arkansas along with a whole slew of new family that are AWESOME!  In fact they are how I joined the church in the first place.  I love getting together every year and attending Cousin's Week with them.  It's seriously like the most fun thing ever!  Then when I got married of course I inherited another family, who all care and love for us too, so it's great having so much family! Ok moving on from my boring family ties, just the point is I have LOTS of family (real and not "real") that I am so grateful for!

I'm going to share this video with you of Baby Dotson (he's about 6 months old)


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