Your Feedback Please

So I have this little man around the house that we like to feed him formula (along with some new solids too!)

Peas is just a recent one.....I don't think he really cares for them as much as bananas since they are all over the place!

I had a few things in mind for these formula cans and Baby Dotson tried his hand at helping me with them, but I don't think we got to far.

So here's where you come in......I pay $16 for these tiny little cans as well as $25 for the larger size.  I am determined to find a cute way to use them since they are pretty expensive little guys.



kezia tunnell said…
They make really good screw and nail can holder's! I found a box of screws that were TW's in a Ol Roy can the other day!
gabriellecato said…
just came across your blog and thought i would try to help on this one! you should check out pinterest for ideas!
Brent Worth said…
I've started using cans in my pantry... I wrap them in cute shelving paper and then put things like Kool-ade or seasoning packets in them. Or Biscoti by the coffee maker... The Dollar Tree usually carries some cute ones...

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