It's Clearly Been Winter

I am SOOO ready for Spring, but more importantly SUMMER!  All these warm days we've been blessed with around these southern states has gotten me quite giddy.  I don't think Baby Dotson has ever been outside so much before!

As I was strolling him around the yard I started to notice lots of "things".....embarrassing things.  I'll be quite honest in saying we haven't been outside much, I mean when would I really have time with a baby inside to go outside?

Let me preface these pictures by telling you that we own two dogs.  Two dogs that enjoy hunting and retrieving and live on 8 acres unfenced.

I can't wait to have a clean up day outside!  We'll plant flowers, start our garden, paint the porch railing and possibly the porch!!!

I like playing soccer but I'm not sure this is mine?

This looks like a bow from a Christmas stuffed animal?

Oh unkept hoses.....

Yes a cow skull.....YUCK!

Chewing tobacco?

Parts of rubber from a door mat the wonderful doggies got a hold of!

Poor bird I can only imagine his outcome around here...

This is a flower from my winter wreath, guess I'll have to be sure to do some touch ups before I hang it again!

These are the types of things that should be in our yard!

Who knows where they got this glove!  I bet some poor old man is searching for his missing gardening glove as we speak!

Another YUCK!  Armadillo skin!

Two random fencing posts?

Another cute toy that should be in the yard, although this isn't one I've purchased for them?  

Someone please tell me that I'm not the only one with a yard that looks like this!


Cherron said…
Ah, no, you are not the only one. We live on the outskirts of Centerton in a very rural part, so we have all sorts of crazy things in our yard. :)

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