DIY Project - {work in progress}

Doing DIY projects while toting around a baby certainly seem to take a lot longer than they used to!!!

My goal is to make a wall of black and white pictures along with other interesting items.

Such as this image from Holly here.

These are the first two frames I started with.  I can't remember exactly where I picked these up from but I'm positive I didn't pay much for them!  :)

Then I just used some white spray paint that I already had.  Baby Dotson kept a good eye on it for me while I prepped my spray area.

Here are the lovelies after some glorious white spray paint.

These are the next items on the spray paint list!  I can't wait! 

Do any of you have a neat photo wall like shown above?


Cherron said…
Don't have one right now, but plans for one later.

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