Around Here

I have a little helper who is so excited about "helping" with our closet redo!!!!  Or maybe this is his reaction to the musty paint fume smell?

We are making progress!!!

I'm sure you can see why I NEEDED to get rid of that nasty yellow paint now!

We have an eyesore outside though too!  I can't grow a darn thing in these flowerbeds.  After three years I am officially giving up!  Today Daddy Dotson and I got our hands a bit dirty and pulled out the wooden rails and started a flower bed to the side of the house.  We are hoping that as we clear these beds out grass will grow along the porch.

He's irresistibly adorable!!!  Loving these two little teeth!

Daddy and me!  

Ok really those little legs are TOO adorable!

This face makes me want to grab him up and squeeze him tight!  He's so handsome.  He insisted on drinking from Daddy's straw while we were eating at our new favorite place.....Jason's Deli. 
Can't get enough!


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