Overwhelmed with Projects Today

I think I woke up this morning and went a bit project crazy......there goes my goal to finish each project I start huh?

For starters I took this wall art that I found at a thrift store, I really liked the shape, not so much the plastic angel and brown fabric that surrounded her....

So I cut out the center, I couldn't find a box blade so I had to use a pocket knife.

Since it was freezing outside today I decided to prep an area in our mudroom to spray.  I don't recommend this route, but today I was determined.  I left the door open for ventilation as well as lit candles in the actual house.

Took some white spray paint to it.....my favorite thing ever!

Took a silhouette picture of Baby Titan and printed it off on the computer.

And inserted it in my new beautiful frame.

I don't think I like the end result as much as I thought I was going to.....I'm going to spray the frame black instead.  This is the result of starting a project without an actual PLAN.

Please leave some comment love below I've love to hear what you think!  :)


Sweet idea! You should add yours and TW's silhouette too. Make it a family thing. Super cute :)

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